Valentina, as Director of Contemporary Art Advisors LLC (CAAD), assists a select group of private art collectors who share her values and love for contemporary art.

Building and expanding a private collection requires an understanding of the client’s vision and personal aesthetics, recognized experience in the international sphere, as well as a deep knowledge of contemporary art.

From the years of study, research, experience, know-how and network building, Valentina and her team at CAAD are able to guide personal and institutional clients through the entire process of building, expanding and managing a contemporary art collection.


Buying art is a complex process wherein contextual factors, market reality and the client’s personal interests and aesthetics merge. After extensive research is completed, including a discussion of the client’s short list with other prominent art curators, the team at CAAD filters the findings and recommendations considering the pieces’ appraisal and condition report as well as the collection fit and its relevancy in the history of contemporary art.

Valentina regularly travels and visits museums, galleries, private collections, artist studios, institutions, art fairs and biennials with clients or on their behalf.


After assessing value, condition report analysis and proof of origin, Valentina negotiates the price with the sellers whether it be the artist or the gallery.

The team also makes sure every detail during the acquisition process is taken care of. It manages shipping and installation while assuring that the administrative process is followed correctly to the end.


Once acquisitions are made, the artwork enters another cycle as part of a new or expanding collection. The team at CAAD takes care of inventory, photographic records, conservation and museography, including installations and restorations when needed. Well after the installation, Valentina and her team are always available for consultation.